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6YG Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.DescriptionOptional?
FUTM0004S3004 Standard Ball Bearing Servo 
FUTM1295NR4QB Receiver NiCd Square 4.8V 600mAh J 
FUTM1440NT8F600B 9.6V 600mAh Transmitter NiCd 
FUTM2670FST28T Servo Tray 2+1 S28/31S/38/48 
FUTM3551FSH50 Servo Accessory Package S3003 
FUTM3910AEC3 9" Servo Extension J 
FUTM4370SWH13 Switch Harness & Charge Cord Mini J 
FUTM5040ANT5 Tx Antenna 2PB/KA/4NBL/4VF/4YF/6YG/6X/6EXA 
FUTM4375TRTXFM Trainer Box FMOptional
FUTM4410MTC-FM Trainer Cord Round to Round PlugOptional

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