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Meet Team Futaba

October, 2014

US F3J Tour

The inaugural US F3J Tour has completed its first year with a lot of momentum. There were competitions in Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Muncie, Albuquerque, and final stop was on the east coast.

It's a fantastic concept, and helps bring some recognition and prestige to F3J in the US. Daryl Perkins (pictured) was fortunate enough to win it this year making Futaba the National J Tour Champion.

September, 2014

Cleveland Airshow

L-R: Tom Erb, Paul Soha

Mark Radcliff

August, 2014

Chad Northeast. Plane: Avanti (jet). 18MZ Guidance

Jerry Smith. Plane: Jerry's Big Fun. 14SG Guidance

May, 2014

Bakersfield, California IMAC Contest

L-R: Frank Kelley, Rusty Fried, Bill Adams, Garrett Morrison, Rob Sarlan

Pattern in the Valley Contest

1st Place: Chad Northeast
2nd Place: Michi Akimoto

Top Gun Scale Contest in Lakeland Florida, April 30-May 4, 2014.

L-R: Dennis Crooks, Jack Buckley, Mike Barbee, Dean Copeland, Brian & Bonnie Omeara, Dave and Vicki Pinegar

April, 2014

Team Futaba pilots at the Bear Mountain Spring IMAC Classic April 12-13, 2014

L-R: Bill Adams, Rob Sarlan, Garrett Morrison, Rusty Fried, Frank Kelley

OEAF Spring Fly-In, Tucson, Arizona

Bill Hempel won the "People's Choice Award", and Tony Quist won the "Commanders Award" with a Hawker Hunter.

February, 2014

Southwest Classic Soaring Contest

Congratulations to Team Futaba member Daryl Perkins on his Unlimited class win at the Southwest Classic Soaring Contest this past weekend! This was a huge event with the best of the best flying. Fellow team member Darwin Barrie took 9th in Unlimited.

The picture shows two happy Team Futaba members (Darwin on the left, Daryl on the right).

Desert Storm Jet Meet

L-R: Bill Hempel, Tony Quist, Brian Omeara

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